About Us

We are a predominantly volunteer effort, led by photographer and Creative Director, Stevan Maxwell.  Our partner, Grand Valley Peace and Justice, who provides project and production management, is a discerning and influential social justice agency committed to advancing their mission through education, advocacy and networking.

Our mission is to educate the public about homelessness by giving voice to a population that is frequently not acknowledged or respected. Some made poor choices, some were born into homelessness, some have had bad luck; most have no safety net.  Regardless of our circumstances, we all face challenges in life and the need for help and support, and the love of others is universal.

Our Team:

Robin Maxwell: Production Assistant

Robin has put in many volunteer hours recording and editing interviews, logo design and has made pivotal contributions to the construction and look of the exhibits.  

Catherine Cline:  Writer/Creative Editor

Catherine has donated her outstanding writing and editing skills to our recently published book and various project materials, as well as adding creative insight to the design and aesthetic of various aspects of the Faces and Voices website and collateral.

Julie Mamo and Sherry Cole:  Director and Program Coordinator (respectively)

Julie and Sherry are employed by Grand Valley Peace and Justice and lend administrative and logistical support on behalf of GVPJ for the benefit of this project. Without them, this project would not exist in it's current format.

Other Volunteers: 

With a long list of volunteers who have offered their time and talents over the years, in the capacity of helping to create and maintain our Facebook page, transcribing interviews and exhibit installation as venues change, we are sure to inadvertently leave someone out. However there are a few that we would like to give special recognition to: 

Randi Klugiewicz: Facebook Coordinator

Andreya Krieves: Transcriber

Carol McDaneld: Transcriber





All images © Stevan Maxwell 2016